The Sentry rental option means no capital outlay and the latest upgraded
Sentry devices will always be available to you without a large capital outlay.

For website and device support please call Scott Garratt at:
Tel: 800 668-1656 or 905 688-8823
or email: support@secureesplosives.com

For sales or information please contact Bill Perrotto at :
Tel: 800 668-1656 or 905 688-8823
fax: 905 688-6288
or email: sales@secureexplosives.com

Please send Secure Explosives correspondence to:

for Canada, Europe and Australia...
Kane's Distributing Ltd.
115 Dieppe Road
St. Catharines
Ont, L2M 7N6

for the United States of America...
Kanes Distributing Ltd.
3909 Witmer Road
Unit 105
Niagara Falls, NY