The parent company of Secure Explosives; Kane's Distributing Ltd has been in business since 1955. New ownership in 1999 introduced a technology division which specializes in software and hardware design for different industries.

Kane's has been monitoring equipment with their own servers and software for 9 years. Our new Secure Explosives monitoring is actually based on our server monitoring design that controls systems in Federal Prisons, Educational Institutions, Automotive Manufacturers, Industrial Equipment Applications and more.

With our outstanding service record in all these industries, including the United States Military, expect nothing but the best service and the best products from Secure Explosives. Our designs have gone through and passed independent explosive safety testing conducted and certified by the Franklin Applied Physics Laboratory.
  • Ours designs, monitoring and notification services exceed ATF and even stricter local state guidelines.
  • The Sentry IV exceed Pennsylvania Requirements.
  • We exceed the requirements of NRC (Natural Resources Canada)
Our Explosives Magazine and truck monitoring systems are designed to meet and exceed the safety standards as defined by: "IME-SLP 20 Safety guide for the prevention of radio frequency radiation hazards in the use of commercial electric detonators (blasting caps) July 2001 edition".